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A few chosen words on the world of video games

Who writes this junk?

I don’t really know why I started a web page.

Partially because some of my friends have them, and I wanted to be cool like that too.

Partially because I think it was simply for an outlet for discussions that I have with my friends that I don’t have an audience for. Of course, this is the internet, so you can get anyone’s opinion on anything.

So here, you can get mine.

I’m Adam Isgreen, a game industry veteran with 18 years of experience making video games. I’ve worked on just about every type of game at one time or another, from RTS, to FPS, RPG, and Sim. I’ve not done a racing game or a sports game before, but since Burnout and SSX are directly along the lines of the types of games what I would have done in those categories, I guess I don’t need to.

You can find an almost-complete list of the games I’ve worked on via MobyGames.

And now, I’ve got a new gig, which you can follow a link to over on the right, Jet Set Games.


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