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Many games… new games.

Wow, really?  Duke Nukem Forever was my last post?  Yikes.

So what’s been spun in the consoles since?  Here’s a quick rundown with a few blurbs on each.

  • Lego Star Wars III
    This title almost made me swear off Lego games for good.
    It hints that TT has an A team and a B team for its games.  This was a B team game.
    Simplistic yet long RTS you have to play 40 times for that one achievement?  I hate you.
  • Lego Pirates
    Restored my faith in Lego games.
    Fun, charming, and certainly captured the Pirates feel.
    Highly recommended for all Lego game fans.
  • Red Faction Armageddon
    The only way the third person camera could have been closer to the character is if it was a first person game.
    Hey, let’s take a franchise that’s all about open-world exploration and destruction and take out the open world and really play down the destruction and… hey wait, where’d our sales go?!
    Some good dialogue from the main character, and a very amusing secret weapon.
    You feel more like a janitor than a total badass.
  • Singularity
    Highly entertaining.  It feels like this one slipped in under the radar somehow.  Surprising for Activision.
    Fun aging mechanic that’s used for good effect throughout the campaign.
    Love the paradoxes, time manipulations, and the multiple endings.  I’ll certainly play the sequel.
  • Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
    Feels like filler to hold up the “get an AC game out every year” desire.
    Still fun at its core, not rewarding enough in the restoring roma endeavors.
    AC: Revelations should be great and make up for this just being OK.
  • Mortal Kombat
    The best implementation of a story mode in any fighting game ever.  Everyone else got served.
    Hey wait, this is actually… competitive?  Cool.
    Lacks a really good training mode.  But then again, almost every fighter does.
  • BlazBlue : CS
    Amazingly deep yet shows that you don’t need 6 buttons to make a good fighter.
    So many unique mechanics per fighter that it’s really hard to master one and move to another.
    Story mode is just… insane in a “kitchen sink” kinda way.
  • Deus Ex
    The graphics aren’t cutting edge… but who cares?  Sci-fi open world sneaker / shooter!  Woo hoo!
    Makes the really bad taste left over from DXII go away completely; not everything is just a shade of grey.
    Aside from forced boss fights, this was a very fun game if you like making your own path through narrative.
  • Gears of War 3
    Much, much better than Gears 2.  Almost as good as Gears 1.
    In an attempt to make everything more cinematic, they forgot to make some things more tense.  It’s visually cool to see tendrils and emergence holes, but when they’re always down-field in front of you… not nearly as intense as it could be.
    Lots of great modes to play once the campaign is done.
  • Crysis 2
    Get cloaking.  Win.
    It’s disappointing how many cool upgrades there are in multiplayer that they don’t give you access to in single player.
    Seriously, can we get a hero that doesn’t just wander from place to place without deciding anything for themselves?
  • Bulletstorm
    Great idea, but didn’t go nearly as far towards pinball as it should have.
    Some amazing vistas and visuals.
    In the end, not what I expected and far too much reuse as the game went on.
  • Castlevania : Lords of Shadow
    Had this for a while.  Finally picked it back up and bothered to learn how to play it correctly.
    It’s not the castlevania game I want, but it was a good game none the less.  Fun light / dark system and you felt that you really improved as a player as you went.
  • Shadows of the Damned
    Fantastic dialogue and realization of the Demon’s world.  Johnson is very amusing.
    The side “fable” stories about the bosses were great.
    The main gameplay mechanic?  It’s… OK.
    Entertaining but easy boss fights.
  • EDF: IA
    As and EDF 2017 lover, this one didn’t do it for me.
    Too serious, too practical, too generic.  Not even any underground or mountain levels.  It was just one city.
    The jet suit was fun to use though.
  • Dead Rising 2
    I realized about a quarter way into this that I just didn’t want to have to level and start over again and again in order to have what I thought of as fun, so I quit playing.
    Weapon combination system was very enjoyable and yielded some really great and silly weapons.
  • Just Cause 2
    The best implementation of a bionic arm / grapple I’ve seen.
    So much to do that completionists can burn out pretty easily.
    The weapon upgrades peter out pretty quickly, which unfortunately makes the game get more tedious as you go on once you’ve unlocked everything.
  • LA Noire
    Amazing facial capture.  Great vocal performances.
    I was hoping for less “twisty mustache” and more connection through all the different cases into the “big picture” one.
    Absolutely annoying hidden object quests.  There’s no way you’d find all of them on your own without a guide.
  • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
    Gorgeous look, great music and effects.
    I’m much happier with the beginning half of the game than how it ended, but I enjoyed the whole thing.
  • Ugly Americans : Apocalypseageddon
    I got hooked on the show, so I got this because it was co-op and it had new dialogue / story.
    I wish it was more than it was, but for what it was it was OK.  If you’re not a fan, it’s hard to recommend.
  • Bastion
    The narrative just makes this game.  Never play it without sound.
    You don’t appreciate the combat mechanics until your second playthrough when you self-crank the difficulty and have to really dodge, reflect, and attack well.
  • Renegade Ops
    Each vehicle / character isn’t as unique as I was hoping they would be.  Why can’t people learn from Raiden IV and apply those kinds of weapons / upgrades to a twin-stick shooter?
  • Toy Soldiers : Cold War
    It’s Toy Soldiers… better.  Get it!

Whew was that all?  There’s likely a few more in there that I can’t directly remember.  But with october around the corner, there’s going to be a tremendous amount of titles to talk about:

  • Dark Souls
  • Battlefield 3
  • Batman Arkham City
  • Assassin’s Creed : Revelations
  • Rage

Oh yeah, and that Call of Duty game… that may be good too.

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