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Oh yeah, that blog thing!

Man, it’s been too long. Maybe it’s because I moved to a new state, we’re in temporary housing, I have a new job, and have been running around like a maniac up until these last few moments.  Oh, and we just got the computer set back up.

So a lot has happened since my last post.  The major change is that I’m at Microsoft now, working as creative director for Windows Phone 7 games.  One thing I love about the WP7 is that it is no way a “me too” device.  It marches to the beat of its own drum; the UI and design are all about being socially connected first and foremost, which makes it stand apart from the competition in many ways.  I find it very easy to get used to and miss its clear emphasis when using my iPhone for similar things.  You can check the phone out from the link on the right.  Launching soon!

Since this is just a quick note, I’ll close with a few “things that make Adam happy” list.

  • TGS delivered.  A Demons’ Souls sequel (may as well be).  An Earth Defense Force 2017 sequel.  The Last Guardian.
  • DLC for Castlevania HD is supposed to be this week.  Raid instances done 2D Castlevania turns out to be really addictive to me.
  • Seattle is awesome.  Love the town, love the people, love the weather and the environment.  My god, it’s full of trees.
  • Halo: Reach is fun and the solo campaign was… pretty good by the end.  I’m just getting into multiplayer, but I still think Bad Company 2’s multiplayer unlocks and points system is superior.  I guess I love more class-based and objective-based MP games… but damn if Bungie didn’t pull out all the stops in making this one hell of a slick game package.  I especially like the sound design on the weapons this time around.  They feel much more appropriate and fitting.
  • Dominion, the card game is a blast.  I played two sessions with different folks over the weekend.  Quick to learn and amazingly dynamic depending on the cards you mix in.  Highly recommended.

I have a backlog of half-finished entries that I may get around to posting, or just start with new ones.  Who can say?

Also, my wife ran a successful food blog in Vegas (www.vegasmusings.com) which we’re now moving to Seattle at… you guessed it… www.seattlemusings.com.  It’s in no way even up at this point, but we’ve already amassed a bunch of reviews to post from our short time here, so it’ll populate quickly.  If you enjoy food, check it out!

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