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Lack of updates is a good thing!

Gee look, not a lot of updates recently.  Why?

Because our new iPhone / iDevice game, Highborn, is nearing completion and we’re all very busy getting it ready for release!

In the meantime, here’s a few tidbits on what I’ve recently played:

Super Street Fighter IV : A great fighting game, now better than before.  I think I’m to the point that I have issue with some of the advanced things found in fighting games these days (like kara stuff), since they just don’t seem to reward thinking, are hidden from all but the hard-hardcore players, and and only reward constant muscle memory practice.  I had high hopes for Makoto, but she seems nerfed from her 3rd strike days.  Juri is surprisingly awesome.

Ratchet & Clank Future : A Crack in Time : I enjoyed playing through this, but the first R&CF game was better.  This one felt lighter on content and larger on fluff to pad it out.  Not a bad game by any means, and certainly charming in its core characters, but just not as deep and playable as the first.  Some really fun weapons though.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 : I usually don’t go for shooters focused on multiplayer, but this game is just awesome.  Buy it.  Get in to multiplay.  The campaign is fun for the writing, but multiplayer is where it’s at.  You have no idea how odd it is for me to say that.  The class system is great, the balance of kits interesting, and now that they toned down a few crazy things like the Medic MGs a bit, much more enjoyable.  Want a lesson in how to constantly reward players for anything they do and encourage teamwork?  Check this game out.  I was looking forward to SSFIV for months, but once I started playing this, I can’t find time to go back to Street Fighter.  I’ve not played the Reach beta, but I can’t believe it could even compare to this game’s MP experience.  Modern Warfare what?

I’m still working on my rather long and likely controversial-to-some writeup on RTS in a Console world, but that’ll be a bit.

Back to Highborn testing!

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