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The realm of the discarded


Today, I sat at a wrecked boat in about 40 feet of water with my wife and our Dive Master, Bill. A few fish swam by us as we went around the boat and explored the bottom of a small part of Lake Mead. It was 58 degrees in the water down at the boat, with about 30 feet of visibility.

Wetsuits are a godsend… a few minutes after you flood them, that is.

The lake is 100 feet or more down from where it was a year ago. There was a whole tank base on an island where they purified water used to make concrete for the Hoover Dam. Our boat was beached next to it. Apparently, it used to be what Bill used for part of the open water certification, because it was completely submerged, and the boat, which was in about 140 feet of water at the time, was used in part of the advanced cert. The tank structure is now bone-dry and the boat is well within recreational dive limits.

There’s a B-29 bomber down in the lake that’s in about 300 feet of water now. Man, that must be cool to see. I guess in about a year or so, if the lake continues to dwindle, that’ll almost be in range for open water diving. There’s a town down there as well, in even deeper water… for the time being.

I’ve always been someone that loves to know about the origin of things humans create. I guess I’m a history buff in a way. The funny thing is that I’m not into history for the sake of names and places. I’m into it for the stories that the things left behind tell, or more specifically, what they could potentially tell. Seeing a run-down out-of-business diner along a highway makes me wonder who’s dream it was to open that place, what it must have been like when it was new, and how that dream changed and was eventually abandoned through a myriad of factors. Did it change owners and fail? Did the owners just pick a bad spot? Was it too expensive to get food to that location? Was there a tragedy that caused it to eventually shut down? Did they just get tired of it? Anything is possible.

There’s tons of stories to every object above water, but diving gives you a glimpse into the stories of objects completely discarded and given up on by those from the surface world. Every comb, pair of sunglasses, beer can, and wreck you come across has some story to it. It got there through actions of someone on the surface, either through carelessness, apathy, or tragedy.

The imagination reels with delight.

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